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      Lavorare in italiano 

Working in Italian

An Italian Language Course

by web interactive videoconferencing


A new bridge for India

towards the Italian economic system






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Istituto di Pubblicismo, a research centre dealing mostly with information and sociology studies,  is a main partner  of the EU Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies – CCIRS (whose programme was awarded by the EU to the University of Warsaw) and  the “CCIRS – Newsletter” editor. 

The Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies (CCIRS):

        is an innovative and interdisciplinary centre of excellence c/o the Institute of International Relations of the Warsaw University, in cooperation  with United Nations, University of Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University and 14 European and 8 Indian Universities and several highly specialized Institutes;

      • has the purpose of enhancing knowledge about contemporary India in the EU, specially in economics, politicy, development, society and culture.




After a two years cooperation with Indian and European institutions, the Istituto di Pubblicismo realizes the need to build cultural bridges between India and Italy, by offering its “ Working in Italian” programme, which is a first series of Italian language and culture on-line courses for Indian students, officials, managers and businessmen, to be held starting from next December.


The Istituto’s international multi-disciplinary team works for this project,  in order to introduce the working perspectives to students and professional people through Italian language and culture and a practical careers guidance, answering a double demand: Indian people dealing with Italy and Indian people dealing with the best “Made in Italy” spread all over the world.


Course Plan


In order to introduce the students to opportunities in Italian-Indian companies relations, the Istituto with its “Working in Italian” method, an on-line language programme, offers a unique opportunity to a useful and up-to-date acquaintance of several specialized subjects of professions such as:


- Arts&Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Conservation, Restoration, Tourism&Arts Management;

- Fashion;

- Italian Cuisine;

- Oenology and Viticulture;

- Modern and Contemporary Arts: Cinema, Opera, Theatre, Music, Tv and Radio entertainment;

- Italian design;

- Company Communication Planning;


- The programme works in two parts:


  - Propedeutical Italian Language Course - Level 1 and 2; 

  - Advanced Italian Language Course (Italian Culture Course;     Careers Guidance Course; Italian Specialist Course)


The programme also includes free conversation lessons among participants, with a tutor supervisor, in order to achieve an appropriate level in speaking, understanding and reading. 


The course admits a restricted number (maximum 5) in each class in order to answer individual needs of students.



                                                   COURSE CALENDAR


Course Details&Tools


- On-line course on a free interactive communication programme (Skype) by the modern web video conference system;


- Teachers, Scholars and Experts selected by Istituto di Pubblicismo from Universities and other research Centers  and Companies; 


- Free Admission Test: to value the level of Italian language personal knowledge; 


- Studi Titania's tools and technical supports: on-line connection, recording studio and audio&video tools; 


- Slides, videos, lessons content files on website, bibliographies and filmographies, newspapers&magazines, universities and researches centres contacts and links;


- Mail tutoring support;


- Monthly tests and evaluations; 


- Final work on a specific field chosen by the participant;


- Frequency, Subjects Curricula and Evaluation Diploma.



Conventions and Stages


Istituto di Pubblicismo, in charge of the programme organization and contents is ready to arrange any financial conventions and classes schedules requested according to the teaching needs of Indian Universities, Cultural Institutions and Companies.


For further information about "Working in Italian" Course, contact the Course Director, Ms Agnese Rollo, at 


       Istituto di Pubblicismo 

Via San Paolo alla Regola, 7 - 00186 Rome -Italy

                      Ph. and Fax  +39 06 68301805


        Studi Titania  

Via Prospero Santacroce, 131/C - 00167 Rome - Italy

                         Ph. +39 06 6628731





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